My name is Joel Parera and I am the person behind Dosha.


Soundesigner, composer and Dj from Barcelona. My goal is to personalize music for your label, fashion show, documentary, video creating special music for you.


I love to listen to all types of music, from opera to Techno, for my work is necessary to listen all diferent kinds of music. I need to be ready when somebody is asking for special music for a video, fashion show, label, documentary, radio or tv program….


So I’m spending most of my time in the studio searching and creating new sounds.I’m also a Dj and I love mixing diferent stuff….being chill out and lounge, the type of music that I love most to play and mix.

Dosha Music

Sounds Of Universe

Sounds of Universe is my first album. I was inspired by the iconic film Blade Runner: all the atmosphere, the sounds of Vangelis….I’ve tried to make atmospheric and evolved sounds, that invites you to travel across the night and arrive to a quiet and relaxed place.


Vídeos that I create with the music of the album Sounds of Univers.

Dj Sesions

I love mixing music, and here you have some of my dj sessions.


As a soundesigner and composer I’ve made some soundtracks for diferent labels.


Every saturday at 22:00 I make a musical advice in the Instragram
Live program Night Club by Corpserviceradio.